8 Week workout Review + Progress Photos

8 weeks have flown by my goodness. As promised, here is my 8 week transformation from using @krissycelas Tone & Sculpt guide.

My results may not be extreme but I most definitely feel stronger and I have learned a lot through this guide so I wanted to share some of my thoughts!

1)      Activation!! This is something I never did before my workouts. This is the first guide I have purchased that includes Activation warmup exercises for each muscle group. I didn’t realize the importance of warming up your muscles before working out. I would usually just stretch and then jump into my routine but activating the muscles is something we should all do before jumping into it. I definitely have seen an improvement in my workouts because of activating my muscles.

2)      Dropsets & reverse pyramids are two methods I haven’t used before in my workouts. I usually stick to Supersets and trisets but these were cool ways to change things up. You start with a challenging weight, decrease the weights and add more reps.  This exhausted my muscles but in a really good way. 

3)      Since I am being completely honest with you when I do reviews, one thing that I did struggle with was doing the same workouts for 4 weeks straight. The guide is 8 weeks so the first 4 weeks are the same workouts and the second 4 weeks are new workouts but the same for those four weeks. I get bored very easily so I found myself changing some things or adding some things but this is JUST ME PERSONALLY. The guide is broken out perfectly each day and week with the workouts and moves.

4)      My eating definitely could have been better the past 8 weeks but listennn gurls got to live! I have had a lot of birthdays and parties so I indulged a little more than I probably should have but now that is April I will not be doing that as often.

And that is it!! Another guide that I give an A+. I definitely recommend trying it. I just bought @fitgurlmels 8 week guide and I am starting that Monday. So I will use my after here as a starting point for that guide. Remember it is a lifestyle. Ditch the scale and focus on how you feel.

and as promised here are my progress photos !