Trying a new 8 week Workout Guide!

Hi Friends!

Happy February! Can you believe January is over already?! Insane to me.  Joe & I will be married 6 months on the 19th!!!! 6 months. Holy Cow time is flying. Seriously, best 6 months everrrrr. My partner in crime, soulmate, best friend. We are killing the married game LOL

Ok sorry for the lovey dovey, anyway with a new month approaching I always take a step back and reevaluate my goals. I find it so important to constantly check in with yourself to see how you are feeling, what you can change if you aren’t feeling your best, and how you can better yourself.  This applies to everything in life NOT JUST WORKING OUT. January I kicked up my fitness game up into full gear. I have been writing out my own workouts, and really challenging myself when it comes to weight lifting. I have been trying to educate myself more as well. I am watching a lot of Youtubes and reading a lot of blog posts. I am trying to avoid just going with the motion of working out and more focusing on exactly what muscle group I am working. I am constantly on a mission to learn more and more when it comes to fitness.  When I started working out 3 years ago was terrified to even go in the weight room. I felt embarrassed. I didn’t want anyone to look at me. I would get nervous if someone would correct me. Now, I just put my headphones on and do my thing. If I have questions, I ask. It is important to be open minded and willing to learn.

So with that being said, new month.. new fitness goals and challenges. Yesterday I started the Tone & Sculpt guide by @krissycela . If you don’t follow Krissy on Instagram you are seriously missing out. She posts so many awesome workout videos & has great tips and tricks on her youtube channel. I took a step away from guides for a little because I did @paofitworlds guide 3x and needed to switch things but but I am waiting patiently for her second guide to come out! YAY!! But Krissy is another fitness influencer I have been following for a while and when I found out her guide was coming out on Thursday I immediately purchased it.

I have been studying the guide to familiarize myself with it before starting. It is a lot of weight lifting, which I have grown to LOVE. I swear that it has changed my body and has made me so much stronger. Society makes us believe that as a female lifting will make you bulky and masculine. This could not be more false. I encourage you to try it. Stop worrying about what everyone will say and think. Go out there and just crush it.

I am really excited to start this guide!  Can’t wait to see what the next 8 weeks bring! My goal is to become stronger, not skinnier. My goal is to realize how lucky I am that I get to work out every day. My goal is to realize that our bodies are incredible AS IS while striving to become even stronger than before.

This month, I challenge you to go above and beyond. Don’t hold back. You are capable of anything you put your mind too.

Chapter 2 of the new year. Let’s make it a good one :)