15 Facts About Me!

Hi Friends!


I realized that I never did a Random Facts Blog Post so you can get to learn more about me.  So here you go!

1. I am 28 years old, born and raised in NY. I lived in my childhood home for 27 years until Joe & I got married this year .

2. I have a passion for music. Ever since I was a little girl, I would love to dance & sing. I took tap, jazz, and hip hop for over 10 years and then stopped when I went to high school. I joined the Choir in High School as an after school activity. My brother in Law had a built in home studio years ago, so I would go there a few times a month to record and make CD's for my family.  I would become very shy if someone asked me to sing on the spot. I used to not want people to know that I liked to sing and now I just embrace it. If you know me, you know that I go throughout my day singing lots of tunes! It makes me happy. Also, take me to a concert and I will be your best friend. I LOVE CONCERTS.

3. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology & studied Fashion Merchandising Management. I met so many of my close friends from that school and it prepared me for working in the fashion industry. I interned my last year of college and landed a job as soon as a I graduated. My advice to anyone in college, I N T E R N. You never know what can come of it!

4. I am OBSESSED with skincare. l think I have dialed it down a little but I would buy new Face Mask's every week. I just love taking care of my skin and trying new products out. I will do an updated skin care routine soon because a lot has changed since my last post!

5. I wish I could say I was as good at taking care of my hair as I am my skin. Since I work out so much I feel like I just neglect my hair by throwing it up. My hair is also on the finer side, so it gets oily pretty fast which makes it hard to leave down every day.

6. I never took a stationary bicycle class before I took Soul Cycle. Actually, I don't think I ever even sat on one. I had no idea I would love it so much, but it is the greatest hobby I have ever had and I am so happy I decided to try something new.

7. Every day after I eat lunch, I have to drink tea. I don't know why but I immediately get up and make tea lol I am an old lady at heart!

8. I love candles and I want to buy a new one every single day and just burn them all at the same time because I just love them so much. OK, I know a little dramatic. I just love walking into a house and smelling a beautiful candle. It makes me happy.


9. It takes me forever to finish a book because I have the worst attention span. However, my favorite books to read are self Help Books. I enjoy reading books that will help me better myself as a person.

10. My favorite flowers are Sunflowers. They are just the happiest, brightest, most beautiful flowers. 

11. I write everything down. My tasks for the day, my meals for the week, my workouts. Whether its on a sheet of paper or I type it in my notes on my phone I love just having lists so I feel accomplished.

12. I think you all know this but just in case- Joe & I dated 9 years before we tied the Knot in August. I can honestly say, I married my best friend. 

13. I am obsessed with Vacations. If I could go somewhere new every month I would lol I cry every time we have to leave to come home. Not because I am sad to go home, but because I just love the feeling of disconnecting from real life. Don't we all?! lol

14. I don't watch much TV but I can spend hours watching You Tube Videos.

15. I LOVE QUOTES. I make sure to read a few quotes once a day. I feel like a good quote can change my whole mood and really put life in perspective.



Hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me! If you ever have any questions, feel free to Comment Below! 

New post coming soon XO