Learn to Enjoy Every Minute of your Life

It’s been so long since my last blog post! Time is flying by & in all honesty my mind hasn’t really been all there when it comes to sharing my thoughts, feelings or ideas with everyone. As most of you know, Joe & I get married next month. On top of that we are getting ready to move into our new home so there has been a lot going on all at once. Today I wanted to write about how I have been dealing with all the changes that are happening in my life + managing my hobbies, family & friends. I think it is safe to say that we all go through periods in our lives where we feel overwhelmed & have a hard time finding time to just BE. So if anything that I suggest or recommend can help even one person, then I will be happy J


For my fellow brides out there I have one piece of advice for you *E N J O Y. T H E . P R O C E S S * Wedding planning can be really stressful especially when it gets closer to the date. You will have one vendor appointment after the next & will have to make a lot of decisions. At the end of the day, you have to remember that this is supposed to be the happiest time in your life. So yes, at the moment you might be super overwhelmed with everything you have to do but in the blink of an eye it will be over. So enjoy the craziness & don’t lose sight of what it is all about.


For those who are getting ready to move out of their homes for the first time ( Yes, I am 28 & still live at home & love every bit of it) *E M B R A C E. C H A N G E* I feel so lucky to have been able to stay at home with my parents until the wedding. They have been the biggest supporters & I thank God every day for them. Although we are not moving far, leaving home is definitely really hard for me.  I get so sad thinking about leaving the house I spent my whole life in. However, I keep telling myself that this new chapter will be amazing, my family will ALWAYS be there, that house will always be there the memories there will be in my heart and new memories will be made.


Find an outlet. For me, it is clipping into a Soul Cycle bike or plugging in my headphone at the gym and escaping for an hour. It is the time that keeps me grounded when everything around me is happening so fast. Everyone deserves to have that. So no matter what that outlet might be for you, find it. Whether it is reading, listening to music, yoga, running, writing..make sure to give yourself the time YOU need.


Check in with your family & friends. I never like the excuse “ I am too busy”. It takes two seconds to reach out to someone to see how they are. Sometimes life gets in the way & we can see our family & friends as often as we like but always find the time to check in, it can brighten someone’s day.


So guys, this is most likely my last blog post until August ( I will try to blog beforehand). In case I don’t though, I wish you the best summer. I hope that you laugh endlessly you,  you do what you love & that you live life to the fullest.


All my love,




Ps: full wedding post when I return!!!