Tips to Stay on track this Summer!

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HI friends! 

Summer is around the corner! Can you believe it?! This year is flying by. Life starts to get really hectic right about now, at least for me! The next three months there is so much going on but all really exciting, life changing, fun, memorable things! 

With summer just a few weeks away & all the craziness going on it is important to stay motivated & remain accountable for your goals. It is very easy to give up. I have heard a few of these things the past weeks. " Oh, summer is to close now I will never achieve my goals." " I am too busy, I have no time to workout." " I am surrounded by so much bad food, so I just have to eat bad". WRONG, WRONG & TRIPLE WRONG FRIENDS!

Here are my tips to getting yourself back on track & staying motivated this summer:

1) Do not set a time limit on your goals. Allow yourself to organically achieve them. I have never found deadlines to help me personally. All they do is make me anxious and angry if I don't achieve them. Work hard & work smart- that is my motto!

2) Find balance. The summer is here and you are going to be attending lots of great BBQ's, spending time with your friends & family, drinking some delicious cocktails & being lazy laying in the sun. It is so important to enjoy all of these things. We need to appreciate the moments we are given. However, it will not benefit you if you give up taking care of yourself just because the weather is nice now. So go for a run outside, go swimming, make being active fun, then go attend your BBQ. Put some music on & dance. Enjoy all the good food in moderation.

3) Check in with someone who motivates you & keeps you in check each day. I find that staying in contact with my friends who are just as into health & fitness as I am, helps me stay accountable.

4) PLAN PLAN PLAN your meals during the work week. To all my friends who work, bring your breakfast, lunch & snacks to work. I find it so much easier for me to eat healthy when I do this. Of course it is okay to eat out too, just think smart when choosing what you want. 

5) Create a life of self care not just a month to look a certain way. Once you do that, I promise you will enjoy the process so much more.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!! Have the most amazing week!