"Fall in love with taking care of your body"

12 weeks ago I started a new workout guide by Paola M. It is called Strong Sexy Body Method. You can check Paola out on instagram (@paosfitworld)

After two years of doing mainly HIIT workouts, I decided it was time for me to overcome my fear of lifting.My progress was stagnant. I wasn’t seeing much change & I was getting bored with my workouts. I was skinny with no muscle definition. Some of you may read this and say "but you were skinny, why do you work out?" My answer always is, being skinny does not mean you are strong. I don't work out to be skinny, I would out to build my strength and take care of my body.

I decided it was time to incorporate something new to my routine & step out of my comfort zone. I have always been worried that lifting weights would make me bulky. .For the past 12 weeks, I committed to working out 6 days a week. A lot of early wake up calls to the gym.I have pushed myself to increase my weights, to step onto the weight floor, & to try machines I haven’t used before.I have gained muscle, and I can feel how much stronger I have gotten from using these guides. Not just physically but mentally. I feel empowered. I focused on myself and didn't compare my progress to others. I zoned into each and every workout. Working out has become much more than the physical progress to me, its my hobby. It makes me feel good inside and out. It took a long time to get here though, I didn't always enjoy working out.  I didn't like that I would put in the work and wasn't seeing results right away.   I didn't like that I couldn't keep up with other people, or that I didn't know how to do something. After a while though, I realized that this isn't a race. That you do what you can, and as long as you are trying that is all that matters. There are days when I totally sleep through my alarm and miss the gym. There are days that I go to the gym and I have no energy to push through. It happens, we are human just get back up and try again.

I think it is important to change up your workout routine. Be open to trying new things. Do not feel discouraged when something isn’t working. Keep trying until you find something that works for you. Paola's guides were perfect for me because she lays everything out for you. Each move has videos that you an watch if you are unsure how to do something. She gives you a range of weights to use, and she also answers emails so quickly, so if you have a question she is there to answer.

Oh & of course Soul Cycle is a part of my routine. I take 2x classes a week. I find it therapeutic and I sweat more than any other workout. It’s by far my favorite place to be.  I actually find myself now a days to be a stronger rider because I added weights to my workout routine.  Working out is a commitment to yourself. Only you can get yourself do it, and put in the effort. Nutrition is also key to success. It is so important to make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs. When starting this guide, I also started counting macros. If I didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know. I don’t weigh my food but I track everything in my fitness pal to make sure I am getting the proper protein, carbohydrates & fats that I need. I do not obsess over my food or caloric intake. Instead I just track to make sure that with all of the working out I do, my body is properly nourished. Paola calculates my macros and has been a huge help during this journey. It is all about BALANCE. So make sure to treat yourself. You deserve it :)

My advice to you if you are still reading this, is too have an open mind. Try new things. Ask questions. Make friends within the fitness community they will push you and inspire you.

Most of all, realize what you are doing for yourself. You are bettering your body & your mind. Get up and get your body moving. Even if its just 30 minutes. Your body will thank you!