Our Wedding Day 08.19.17

Yayayay!! I finally had the chance to sit down and write a post about our wedding day. It has been 2 months since Joe & I got married. As corny and cliché as this might sound that day was the best day ever and I wish I could replay it over and over again.


We had a two year engagement which was the greatest thing for us personally. We were able to plan our wedding without being on a time crunch and save up for our new home and future together. Some background on our relationship- Joe & I started dating when we were 18 years old. You know when people say they just know that they want to spend forever with someone? Well, I knew right away. Joe is the most loving, caring, positive, hardworking, family oriented person. He treats my family with love and respect as if they are his own. He encourages me to be myself and go after my dreams. I am so lucky to call him my soulmate and best friend. 8 years later, we were engaged and now 10 years of dating we are married :) Time flies doesn’t it!?!



Our ceremony was at my childhood church. It meant so much to me getting married there. I didn't care about a long aisle or beautiful decor, I just wanted to marry the love of my life at my favorite little church.

The venue search was a long one. We looked at pretty much every venue in Long Island  and then decided to go up to the Westchester area after hearing such amazing things about one particular venue, Glen Island Harbor Club. My friend ( thx Katie!), got married there and told me to take a look at it. The minute we drove up to the venue we both fell in love. You drive into a park that is surrounded by water and pull up to this beautiful venue that is lit up and had the most gorgeous flowers and greenery. It was tranquil and it made us both feel at home. We met with Rocco who was our banquet manager and he made the whole experience just seamless. ( ROCCO IS YOU EVER SEE THIS, THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR DAY SO SPECIAL). Anyway, after leaving the venue we both decided that it was “the one” and we took our families back to see it. If you don’t know us, Joe and I are EXTREMELY family oriented so they are involved in all aspects of our planning. August 19th 2017 was the date we decided on… and it will forever be my favorite.

Joes tux is John Varvatos

Joes tux is John Varvatos

When it came to picking a photographer, I knew exactly who I wanted. Actually, I knew I wanted him before we even picked the venue. Ricky Restiano. Have you heard of him and his team? If not you need to check then out @rickyrestianophotography on fb and Instagram. I had fell in love with a particular wedding he shot on his facebook page and was sold instantly. We actually decided on his team before we even dropped off the deposit to our venue. We booked both Ricky & Chris to shoot our wedding. We were really nervous about the photos. We both had never been in front of a photographer before so naturally, its nerve-racking. However, when you are working with really talented, creative, amazing people they just make you feel so comfortable. I trusted Ricky & Chris to capture every moment and they did the most beautiful job. I would be lying to you if I told you I do not look at these photos every day. They really mean so much to me. It is so heartwarming to see the smiles on everyone’s faces and the love shared. It is just so special.



The dress. Oh ladiessssss, picking your wedding dress is just the most magical feeling. When I tried on this Inbal Dror dress for the first time, I was the happiest. It almost felt like the dress was made for me, even though it wasn’t lol but I just LOVE THAT DRESS.  With my skin tone, I realized white really wasn’t my color. I wanted lace, but after trying on a few all white lace dresses they weren’t for me. This dress was the perfect combination of what I wanted. If I could put it on every day, I would. Thank you to my Mom for making it all possible and allowing me to get the dress of my dreams. I am forever grateful. When it came to jewelry I wanted to keep it simple. We went to a Maria Elena trunk show and I picked a beautiful headband. It almost looked like a little crown. I then picked matching earring and a bracelet which I LOVE and can't wait to wear again. Everything felt very beachy and summery. Rosegold & Gold were the colors I was aiming for.


This is one of my favorite accessories on our wedding day. This gorgeous pendant of my grandmother given to me by my Sister in Law.


When it came to my hair I wanted it off of my face just because it was the summer so I wasn’t sure how hot and humid it would be. Cristina was my hair stylist and she made my vision come to life. You all know how important makeup is right? Well I was so nervous because I wanted to make sure I looked like myself on my wedding day. Fitore, who was our makeup artist was phenomenal. It was the perfect combo of glow and bronze.



For flowers, I knew I wanted all white and fluffy flowers. Since peonies, weren’t in season we used garden roses as suggested by our florist. We used Arcadia Floral Co. & they were so lovely to work with. The girls wore navy gowns because that was my grandmas favorite color and their flowers were white with a pop of blush pink. Simple, yet elegant :) They all looked so beautiful.

wedding 9.JPG

I decided to have a grooms cake made up for Joe since his birthday was 3 days before the wedding. Since we both love to work out, and he works for a forklift company I wanted to combine both of those ideas to one. Britany created a masterpiece and Joe absolutely LOVED it. Check Britany out on Instagram for her talented baking skills. (@littlecakebaker)



On our wedding day, I was so calm. I kind of can’t believe how calm we both were. I always told Joe I didn’t want us to lose focus of the meaning of the day. Yes, there are so many people and all eyes are on you. You want to make to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves but at the end of the day it’s your day. Details might not always go as planned but it doesn’t even matter. Our wedding day was just perfect. I have no other way to describe it. No matter what happened, I was marrying my soul mate. I will cherish every single memory made, every smile and tear that was shed and I will forever be thankful.


To those of you planning a wedding, it will get stressful but things will work out and you will have the best day. Make lists and check things off as you go. Create a timeline so you aren’t bombarded or overwhelmed.


This is the happiest time, filled with love- enjoy the process.